Wolfsangel T-Shirt

Wolfsangel T-Shirt.

The Wolf Hook, or Wolfsangel rune, is a powerful symbol which elicits a clear emotional response by those who resonate with it. The actual history of this symbol is shrouded in mystery. Although it is referred to as a rune, it has no reference in either the Elder or Younger Futhark. It can also be interpreted as a bind rune, the combination of various runes for magical or symbolic effect. The very name refers to its shape as an actual "wolf hook" or trap, which was anchored in trees with meat hanging on the outer spike. Wolves would jump up to get the meat and have their jaws impaled. It was also used as boundary markings by the forest service and is still used in Lower Saxony in this capacity. In 1910, Hermann Löns published a classic fiction book titled Der Wehrwolf (later published as Harm Wulf, a peasant chronicle and The Warwolf in English) set in a 17th-century German farming community during the Thirty Years' War. The main character of the book, Harm Wulf, adopts the wolfsangel as a badge against the occupying forces of the ruling princes. Some printings of this book, such as the 1940 edition, showcase a very visible wolfsangel on the book cover.It also features on his gravestone. Yet others see it as a Germanic version of the yin/yang, symbolizing a sort of balance point between good and evil, life and death, destruction and creation. Like all symbols, the true meaning lies within the individual interpreting it based on their personal emotional response.

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Wolfsangel T-Shirt
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