WolfPack 44 Cuff-Title


Cuff-title (traditionally worn on left sleeve), black wool w/silver-bullion embroidery, machined to RZM specifications. 

Wolfpack 44 is a new Satanic, industrial/black/death/psychotic/evil-as-fuck metal band with a sardonic edge that will evoke all the most powerful emotions in the listener: anger, rage, sadness, introspection, and all the fury one can handle.

Founded by guitarist/songwriter Ricktor Ravensbrück (The Electric Hellfire Club, Wolfen Society, Acheron), this band features a host of diabolical musical talent including vocalist/guitarist Julian "Xaphan" Xes (Kult ov Azazel), additional words, vocals, and demonic inspiration by Rev Thomas Thorn (The Electric Hellfire Club), live drums by Paul Collier (Angelcorpse), and live bass guitar by Sorath (Against The Plagues, Kommandant).

Their forthcoming debut release, The Scourge, will feature guest appearances by: Jinx Dawson (Coven), Dana Duffey Freemon(Demonic Christ), Lord Ahriman (Dark Funeral), Chaq Mol (Dark Funeral), Dan Vc (Vein Collector), Warlock Sonny Bellavance (CoS, Classical Composer), and The Ladies of Hades Death Choir (Victoria De Rais & Ashka Helland).

WolfPack 44 Cuff-Title
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