Satanic/Brimstone Cross-Sterling

Made popular by Anton LaVey's use in The Satanic Bible, this is the alchemical symbol for brimstone or sulphur. Alchemy was an occult practice which primarily purpose was to turn base metals into gold. Revelation 21:8 makes reference to a "fiery lake of burning sulfer" for us sinners. It is also known as the Cathar Cross or Leviathan Cross. The sideways figure 8 is also known as the snake Ouroborous and references Leviathan. All of that fancy history aside, it just plain looks wicked as all Hell! This pendant is hand-crafted from SOLID Sterling Silver, brilliantly polished and measures a large 38mm by 31mm or 1.5" by 1.2".

Satanic/Brimstone Cross-Sterling
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